Bellevue Business & Professional Association
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The Bellevue Business and Professional Association was started by a group of like-minded individuals who saw the value of professional and business people coming together to make the Village of Bellevue a better place to live and conduct business. After all, businesses rely on the growth of the community to make them successful. In return, the community relies on the growth and success of businesses to provide jobs and financial stability to the community.

Why Should You Become A Member

The Village of Bellevue has seen tremendous growth over the last few years, and this growth will continue to make Bellevue an attractive place to live and do business. As the community grows it is the responsibility of every business owner to stay informed on how this growth will effect them and the community. The BBPA provides a forum where you can get information on community growth, events and issues that may effect you. You will have opportunities to meet other members and learn more about their businesses.

When you become a member you will receive a decal to proudly display, letting your customers know that you are a member of the Bellevue Business and Professional Association. You will also have the opportunity to become the BBPA Member of the Month and receive special recognition on this website, as well as a certificate to display. The membership fee is small, but the rewards are great.